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Free Agency Scouting Reports: Flozell Adams and Ken Hamlin

Before we get to the scouting reports, let's quickly point out that 2 more players have been "franchised" by their respective teams.  The first is Jared Allen, who recorded 15.5 sacks last year for the Chiefs.  The other franchise tag was used by the Bengals.  But it wasn't on who most would think.  They placed their franchise tag on Stacy Andrews, the massive offensive lineman who can play guard or right tackle.  That means they are likely to lose in free agency the player they franchised last year, defensive end Justin Smith.  Smith had a down year in 2007, but is still a major force along the line and will command a big contract on the open market.  At 6'4, 275 (and only 28 years old), some Dolphin fans have already expressed interest in him.  After all, he's big enough to play the DE spot in a 3-4, if the Dolphins do end up playing that defense.  However, at this point, there's no reason to think that the Dolphins will be (or won't be) players in the Justin Smith race.

Two players who the Dolphins could very well be interested in are Flozell Adams and Ken Hamlin, two Dallas Cowboys with ties to this new coaching staff in Miami.  So I enlisted the help of Dave Halprin, the lead blogger over at Blogging the Boys, SBN's flagship NFL blog, to give us an idea of what kind of players these 2 are.

First up, Dave gives us his thoughts on Flozell Adams, the massive offensive tackle:

Flozell Adams has a long history with the Cowboys but is currently an unrestricted free agent. The Cowboys organization has a decision to make in terms of the amount of money and the length of a possible contract for Flozell and they have to balance that against potential offers he could receive from other teams. Adams has been somewhat of an enigma during his career in Dallas. He possesses a ton of talent and has the physical size to engulf pass rushers; playing left tackle generally leaves him up against the opposing defense's best pass rusher. Throughout his career he's had games/seasons when he's been a dominant left tackle, but he's also had times - granted much less time - when he looks totally outmatched and unmotivated.

Coming off of injury in the 2006 season, it looked like he would never again reach the plateau of great play he had shown previously. Then last year, he turned in an excellent season proving once again that when he's on his game he can play with the best of them. But Flozell's history of inconsistency and his advancing age should give the Cowboys some pause at breaking the bank to get him re-signed. The Cowboys will rely on the advice of new o-line coach Hudson Houck who had Flozell as a young player; this could influence the decision to keep him. I'm not even going to discuss Flozell's propensity for jumping offsides, it's just a given you have to live with if he's on your team.

Next, here's what Dave says about Ken Hamlin:

Ken Hamlin is the quarterback of our defense. Before we signed him last year we had a lot of problems with teams going deep down the middle of our secondary. For the most part that didn't happen this year. Hamlin is a smart player who understands how to read the offense and get the secondary into the correct alignment. He could often be seen before a play telling the cornerbacks or other safeties where to lineup or moving them into better position. He also makes sure the secondary is preparing correctly during the week.

On the field he shows adequate range for a free safety. He's somewhat of a hybrid FS/SS because he is a physical hitter who plays the run very well and has above-average cover skills. Overall, he came in and settled down our secondary and made the most of the talent we have back there. He was a very important member of the defense and we're hoping the Cowboys will do everything they can to keep him in Dallas.

Now, I've wanted Hamlin since last offseason, but Cam Cameron and Randy Mueller apparently weren't interested.  After reading what Dave tells us, it's hard not to like Hamlin.  He won't come cheaply, but he also likely won't cost too much (relative to the cost of a top cornerback).  I just hope he hits the open market.

As for Adams, I'm not as interested in him, mainly because of his age and the fact that he'll require a rather large investment.  But if Bill Parcells, Jeff Ireland, and Tony Sparano feel confident in signing him, I won't complain.