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Weekend Roundup

There really wasn't too much going on this weekend.  But with the deadline to "franchise" players quickly approaching, things will liven up this week.  

Until then, here's what you might have missed this weekend.

ProFootballTalk posted a little blurb discussing the market for Asante Samuel.  They mention an article in the Boston Herald that claims the Jets and Browns are two potential suitors for Samuel.  But the guys at PFT feel that the Dolphins might also be a potential suitor for Asante:

But how about the Falcons or the Dolphins?  Both teams are flush with cap space after jettisoning several high-priced veterans this past week...In Miami, V.P. of football operations Bill Parcells might be inclined to stir up the AFC East by taking a top-shelf cover corner by a team coached by one of his prize pupils and managed by the Tuna's son-in-law.

This isn't the first time there's been some talk about the Dolphins showing interest in Samuel.  And where there's smoke, there is usually fire.

But one key question is what Asante is likely to cost the team he finally signs with.  PFT weighed in:

In the end, Samuel is likely to give the greatest consideration to the highest bidder.  But while folks keep quoting Nate Clements' eight-year, $80 million deal as the benchmark for Samuel, keep in mind that Clements' deal was only (only?) seven years and $64 million.  Per the language of the contract, the eighth year will never happen.

While it's true that Clements' 8th year will never happen, his contract still paid him an average of over $9 million per year.  And I still believe the team that signs Samuel will probably be paying him around $11 million per year.  But wait till you hear what Champ Bailey is hoping for:

Broncos cornerback Champ Bailey hopes that Samuel shatters the nine-figure mark.  "I think Asante and [Seahawks cornerback Marcus Trufant], those guys should definitely get $100 million, probably more.  Every team needs premier cornerbacks in this league.  They're worth it."

Yikes!  $100 million?  I really can't see that happening.  And while I like to think the Dolphins should go after both Samuel and Marcus Trufant (assuming he doesn't get "franchised"), if it's going to cost $12-$13 million per year, I'd have to pass.  

In case you've missed it, the Boston Globe is reporting that Zach will be visiting with the Patriots later on today.  Also, Adam Schefter is reporting that the Saints will be bringing Thomas in for a visit on Tuesday.  Schefter also reports that the Cowboys, Bills, and Jets are also interested.

Now, if you ask the Palm Beach Post's Edgar Thompson, he'd tell you that he feels the Saints are Zach's best option:

But the Saints really could use Thomas, despite questions about his age and injury. New Orleans had Mark Simoneau in the middle the past two seasons. Simoneau, a free agent, averaged only 4.5 tackles in 32 games in 2006-07.

New Orleans also plays a 4-3 defense, which might better suit Thomas at this point in his career because he won't have to take on blockers as often as in a 3-4 and can flow to the ball.

Personally, of these teams to be rumored to be interested, I'd like to see him go to New Orleans.  But that's simply because I wouldn't mind purchasing a Saints jersey.

As far as the Jets or Bills go, I'd have a hard time accepting that.  At least with the Pats, Thomas would have a legitimate shot to win a Super Bowl.  But with the Jets or Bills?  Give me a break!

Meanwhile, there was an interesting tidbit in the Dallas Star-Telegram on Sunday:

The Cowboys are just taking a "look-see" at Thomas, according to the source, but they have little interest in getting into a bidding war for Thomas, who is also interested in joining the Patriots, Colts and Chargers -- and possibly a return to the Dolphins.

A possible return to the Dolphins?  I'd highly doubt it, as it wouldn't really make sense for either party.  But hey, you never know.

As always, thoughts below...