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Jason Taylor next to leave Miami??

Here's just a quick little tidbit that I received in an e-mail from a reader.

He says that Adam Schefter was on with Sid Rosenberg this morning on 790 The Ticket.  Schefter reportedly told Sid that he believes that the Dolphins will be listening to offers for Jason Taylor once free agency begins.  He believes that the Dolphins would trade Taylor for a 2nd or early 3rd round pick.

With that said, I want to hear if you'd want the Dolphins to trade Taylor.  Is an early 3rd round pick worth it?

In my view, Taylor has much more value to the Dolphins than a 3rd round pick would.  If Miami could get a 2nd rounder, then I'm all for trading him.  After all, it's clear this regime is in retooling, if not rebuilding, mode and a 2nd round pick is quite valuable.  It would give the Dolphins 3 2nd rounders and 5 of the draft's first 64 picks.

Again, I'm all for trading Taylo for a 2nd round pick, as hard as it would be to part with him.  But for a 3rd rounder?  No thank you.