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Mid Week Odds & Ends

Doesn't it seem like these days are flying by?  Well, hopefully this continues so we can get to February 29 as quickly as possible.  

A lot of people are still talking about the cuts made on Monday by the Dolphins, but I'll pass on making another front page post about it so as to not beat a dead horse.  

Here's a few nuggets I wanted to just throw out to get some thoughts as they relate to the Dolphins in some way.

The Washington Post is reporting that the Redskins are indeed interested in trading for Chad Johnson.  And despite the Bengals publicly claiming they will not trade Johnson, the Post believes otherwise:

Acquiring an elite receiver is Snyder's top priority, league sources said. The Bengals have said they have no intention of trading Johnson, but his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, is working quietly to broker a deal, the sources said.

The Redskins, you'll remember, were one of the teams that Johnson was campaigning to back during Super Bowl week.  They are also one of the two teams (the Dolphins being the other) that ESPN's John Clayton wrote Johnson was highly interested in.  And it definitely shouldn't come as any surprise that Dan Snyder is interested in "Ocho Cinco," as we all know Snyder loves the flashy, big names.

So why do I bring this up?  Well, I was one of those who supported the Dolphins looking into Chad Johnson.  And I was even more pro-Chad after the release of Marty Booker, because Miami does need a veteran WR desperately.  However, rotoworld believes that the Bengals will be asking for "a pair of early first day draft picks" in exhange for Chad.  Earlier, they were more specific and claimed it would take a 1st and a 3rd OR 2 2nd rounders to get him.  They've since broadened their claim.  

Either way, though, that's a price that is way too rich for my blood.  If Chad was younger, then sure.  Originally, I was thinking it would only cost something like a 2nd rounder and a 4th rounder (or something along those lines).  But I was wrong and if this price tag is accurate, then there is really no way the Dolphins should/would make an aggressive push for #85.

A the days go by, it seems there's always some random website claiming the Dolphins are showing interest in Derek Anderson.  And for all we know, they very well could be.  If they are, hopefully it's just to show the NFL world that we are "looking" for a QB, getting those interested in Matt Ryan nervous and helping pave the way for a trade out of the #1 spot in the draft.

I've made it a point on here to make my feelings known that I want no part of Derek Anderson for the price tag he's going to command (in regards to draft picks we'll have to give up).  Did he have a great season?  Yes, he did.  But with that supporting cast, a lot of QBs could have had even better seasons.  

But what worries me, besides these numbers, is that a reporter for the Cleveland Plain-Dealer also wonders if Derek Anderson is the real deal.  And I suggest you all check out this short article.  Here's just an excerpt:

With literally an all-star supporting cast in the Pro Bowl, Anderson misfired for 16 incompletions in 26 passes, had one pass intercepted and one interception dropped.

Counting the Pro Bowl, Anderson completed barely 50 percent of his passes over his last six games and had a passer rating of 62.1.

The Pro Bowl game shouldn't be held against Anderson in contract talks with the Browns. But it is a reminder of the inconsistency he brings to the field.

Does that sound like a "franchise QB" to you?  

Consider this.  Entering December, the Browns were 7-4 and in control of their own destiny for a playoff spot.  This is when good players, especially QBs, have to up their game to the next level and lead his team.  What did Anderson do?  He led the Browns to a 3-2 record.  He completed just 53% of his passes, averaged only 6.35 YPA, threw for 7 touchdowns and 8 interceptions, and had a QB rating of 66.6. in those 5 games.  IS this a guy you want to give up a 1st and a 3rd round pick?  Because that's what it's likely going to cost.  Even if the Dolphins could get Anderson for their 2nd and 3rd round pick, would that worth it?  I don't think so.

49ers defensive tackle Isaac Sopoaga is rumored to be a target of the Dolphins should he hit the market.  And why wouldn't he be?  It's not every day that a talented, 26 year old nose tackle becomes available.  At 6'2, 332 pounds, Sopoago would be an ideal fit for the Dolphins to help sure up their defensive line.  But the 49ers are reportedly putting together a contract proposal for Sopoaga.  The question, though, will be if he still decides to test the market.  Considering the top DT on the market, Albert Haynesworth, is likely going to get slapped with the franchise tag, Sopoaga would be smart to test the market.

The question for the 49ers will be if they are willing to pay Sopoaga more than they paid starter Aubrayo Franklin last year.  Franklin got a 3 year, $6.15 million deal.  Sopoaga will likely get a deal in the area of $3 to $4 million per year.  That's a lot for someone who lacks much starting experience.  But that's what the market will likely dictate.  And if I'm the Dolphins, I'd seriously have to consider it.