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Dolphins make serious cuts, including Green, Booker, and Shelton

The Dolphins announced today that they have cut nine players.  Four of them are relatively big names.  Those are Trent Green, Marty Booker, LJ Shelton, and Keith Traylor.

The Dolphins also waived Anthony Alabi, Joe Toledo, Anthony Bryant, Marion Dukes, and Marquay Love.

Here's the only statement the Dolphins released:

"This is never easy, especially since all of these players worked hard during their tenure here," Dolphins General Manager Jeff Ireland said. "In particular, in the case of each of the veterans, it's especially difficult to release players who have been productive and valued members of the organization. However, we feel these decisions are in the best interest of the team."

"I want to thank all of them for their contributions to the Dolphins and wish them good luck."

More on this to come, including a look at how this affects Miami's salary cap situation...

**UPDATE**: So what does this mean for the Dolphins' cap situation? These cuts save the Dolphins about an additional $12.5 million in cap room after considering each players' cost of being cut (cost of prorated bonuses). And that's not even considering Love, Bryant, or Dukes because I can't seem to get much info on their old contracts. But do keep in mind that these are rough estimates, but should be very close to 100% accurate.

I'll be back later on tonight and get into more of what these cuts may/may not mean. Until then, please give us all your thoughts on these cuts below...