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Jerry Jones: Barber not being traded

WE all heard the rumors earlier this week about the Dolphins and Cowboys reportedly have preliminary discussions regarding a swap of first round picks.  In that rumor, Marion Barber is a player mentioned as a potential inclusion in the deal.  However, Jerry Jones denies this:

Has he had any contact with Big Bill in Miami in discussing a trade up to obtain the Dolphins' first overall draft pick in April?

Speculation swirled this week on that topic, even including the name Marion Barber going to Miami.

In response, Jones said, "No," then added, "let me be very clear. No."

He said that rumor "came totally out of left field. I read it and laughed. Marion at running back, we feel, is one of our strengths, and we want to keep it that way."

Now, this could just be posturing to up Barber's value.  Nobody really knows.  However, it never really made sense that the Cowboys would be willing to part with Barber, especially considering Julius Jones is likely to leave in free agency.  Yes, I'm aware the Cowboys would be making the deal to select Darren McFadden.  But in this day and age, you need 2 good running backs and, once you have them, it's very rare you give them up.  And when you consider McFadden is nothing more than an unproven rookie, it just wouldn't make sense for the Cowboys to send Barber to Miami.

So perhaps Jones is telling the truth.

Or not.

It's still early...anything can happen...