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Parcells loves Shaun Rogers??'s Tom Kowalski reports that the Lions will continue to actively shop DT Shaun Rogers.  He believes, though, that the Lions will not cut Rogers.  So if the Dolphins really do want to go hard after Rogers, they're going to have to be willing to offer up a player or two.  This is because Kowalski reports that the Lions are not looking for picks in return.  Instead, they are looking for a proven NFL player who can fill one of their defensive holes immediately.  If you ask me, that really only means one of two players for Miami: Jason Taylor or Zach Thomas.  

The reason I bring all this up, though, is because of the following interesting quote from Kowalski:

"Bill Parcells absolutely loves Shaun Rogers. The last few years we've talked to him on the conference calls before the Lions played the Cowboys, he has just gushed about the guy. Now obviously there's some strikes against Rogers. He's been overweight, he's had knee problems and the strike for the drug thing, but all it takes is one guy to say 'I can turn this guy around. What a force he's going to be. He's the missing piece to our defense.' That's what you really need."

Very interesting.

I wonder if Parcells still feels this way.  If so, you can bet the Dolphins will be sniffing around this immense talent that would help fill one of Miami's most pressing needs.