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End of Week Nuggets

Here are some things to think about as we all begin our weekend.

So who's it going to be?  It's been a while now since the Dolphins hired Tony Sparano as head coach and we still don't know who will be running the offense and calling the plays in 2008.  What we do know is that it probably will not be Pete Carmichael Jr, who either turned down the offer himself or was blocked by his current employer, the New Orleans Saints.

So who is left?  We know the Dolphins already interviewed Dan Henning and Hue Jackson.  It's also believed that the Dolphins have interest in Giants' quarterback coach Chris Palmer.  However, Armando Salguero writes in his blog that ESPN's Len Pasquarelli has informed him that Palmer will not be heading to Miami after the Super Bowl.  The thing about that, though, is that Len's been known to have bad information at times.  So I won't take his report as gospel.  But I guess we can say it's unlikely Palmer, who has worked well with Sparano in the past, will be Miami's offensive coordinator.

So that brings the number of candidates to two: Jackson and Henning.  Of course, there's the likely possibility that the Dolphins will interview even a few more candidates relatively soon.  But what I wanted to ask you is which of the two already interviewed (Henning and Jackson) would you most want to see as Dolphins' offensive coordinator?

My take?  I don't feel that either are exciting options.  But I'd actually prefer Hue Jackson.  Jackson, as you'll remember, spent the 2007 season in Atlanta as Bobby Petrino's offensive coordinator.  But it was Petrino who called the plays.  However, once he resigned, Jackson took over the play calling duties.  In his first game, in week 15, his Falcons scored just 3 points.  But in all fairness, that was a tumultuous week.  In week 16 and 17, Atlanta's offense put up their 2 highest scoring weeks, averaging 35.5 points in those 2 games.  And that includes a whopping 44 points put up against a solid Seattle defense.  If you also consider the fact that Jackson's offense did this with Chris Redman under center, you'd have to say the offensive performance under Jackson was rather impressive.

So, like I said, I'd take Jackson over a guy who spent 2007 out of football altogether (Henning).  What do you think?

First, the Dolphins took some of the key players in Dallas' front office.  Then they really ripped apart the Cowboy coaching staff.  Now, they've started taking Cowboy players, signing 2 players off of the Cowboys' practice squad.  They also signed another player who has history in the Cowboys organization.  Of course, those 3 players (QB Matt Baker, OL Trey Darilek, and LB Junior Glymph) are likely just training camp bodies who have outside shots at the practice squad.  However, could all this be a sign of things to come?

We've all heard the rumors about the Dolphins and Cowboys potentially making a trade involving the #1 pick.  And it's believed that Marion Barber could be involved as well.  But there are also a number of Cowboy free agents that the Dolphins could potentially have interest in.  Flozell Adams comes to mind.  That monster left tackle has spent the past few years working closely with Sparano.  And the tackle spot is certainly a position the Dolphins could use an upgrade.

So is the safety position.  And Dallas' starting free safety last year, Ken Hamlin, also is a free agent.  New Dolphins assistant head coach and secondary coach Todd Bowles should be quite familiar with Hamlin.  And personally, Hamlin is a guy who intrigues me.  I actually was hoping the Dolphins would get involved on him last year when he left Seattle.  He's good in coverage and can really lay the wood.  And speaking od secodary help, Dallas' #3 cornerback last year, Jacques Reeves is also a free agent.  I didn't really pay much attention to him this season, but Bowles obviously has worked with him a lot and would know if he could be an upgrade to the Dolphins at cornerback, something Miami desperately needs.

And we can't forget about Julius Jones, who was a Bill Parcells favorite from what we've heard.  If Barber doesn't end up in Miami, Jones could potentially be a guy who Parcells and the "family" might show some interest in.  He likely wouldn't cost too much, either, as he lost carries to Barber all season.  He even failed to start the team's final game against the Giants, with Barber getting the nod.  That will only lessen his value on the open market.

So my other question to you besides the one above about the coordinator spot is this:  which of Dallas' free agents would you most like to end up in Miami?  Flozell?  Hamlin?  Any of the others?  

Thoughts below...