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Debunking the schedule myth

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Living in New Jersey, I will frequently listen to WFAN radio.  Since it is New York sports talk radio, I know I'm going to be in for some bias opinions and some ignorant comments.  I expect that from the hosts as well as from the callers.

But I find that the mid-day show hosted by Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts - both big Dolphin haters - are usually pretty level-headed when it comes to discussing the topics rationally and without their respective biases.  But they've brought up on a number of occasions a topic that they are simply dead wrong about: the schedule.

Both Jet fans, Benigno and Roberts have continually referred to the Dolphins' schedule as a "cupcake" schedule - or at least used similar words to define it.  Any many other Jet fans have echoed the same sentiments.  So what's the problem?  If the Dolphins' schedule was easy, then the Jets' schedule is even easier.

As any good NFL fan knows, the division teams play 14 of the same games.  So of their 16 games, the Fins and Jets only played 2 different opponents.  The Dolphins played the Ravens and Texans.  The Jets played the Titans and Bengals.  The combined record of the two Dolphin opponents?  15-11.  The record of the two Jet opponents?  13-12-1.  So whose schedule was easier?

Ouch.  How's that slice of "humble pie" taste, Jet fans?