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Pennington vs Favre

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Want to really anger a Jets' fan?  Here's what you do.

Simply show them the following stat lines:

W-L Comp/Att Comp% Yds YPA TD Int Fumbles 20+ 40+ Rating
Pennington 8-5 261/393 66.4% 3,062 7.8 12 6 2 34 6 93.7
Favre 8-5 288/421 68.4% 2,845 6.8 20 15 10 28 7 88.2

So which quarterback is the one who just "dinks and dunks" down the field?  Wasn't that the knock on Chad Pennington - according to Jets' fans?

Oh - and let's not forget how the media just loves to praise Brett Favre for his ability to make plays down the field - while also highlighting how poor Chad Pennington is throwing down the field.  Now of course Pennington's arm isn't as strong as Brett's is - even at Favre's current age.  But don't let arm strength fool you.

Just look at the numbers of each QB on passes that travel at least 21 yards through the air:

Comp/Att Comp% Yds YPA TD-Int Rating
Pennington 8/24 33.3% 309 12.9 2-1 93.9
Favre 10/34 29.4% 362 10.6 4-5 48.9

So who's the more efficient deep ball passer?

Yeah - next time you see a Jets' fan, be sure to thank him.  Without his team's idiotic decision to kick Pennington to the curb, the 2008 Miami Dolphins wouldn't be where they sit today: tied for 1st place in the AFC East.