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Latest Pro Bowl voting results

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There are quite a few Dolphins who are faring well in the Pro Bowl voting this year.  Of course, voting only counts for one-third of the process.  Regardless, it's always nice to receive recognition.  Below are how some of the Dolphins are doing in fan voting:

  • Ronnie Brown remains in 1st place at RB - but with just a 11,500 vote lead over Chris Johnson.
  • Jake Long remains in 1st at the tackle position - but leads D'Brickashaw Ferguson by just 4,000 votes.
  • Joey Porter still has a large lead over James Harrison for 1st place at outside linebacker - about 43,000 votes ahead.
  • Yeremiah Bell fell back to 5th place at strong safety - 100 votes behind 4th place vote getter Donte Whitner
  • Dan Carpenter is suddenly in 1st for kickers - 37,000 votes ahead of 2nd place.
  • Patrick Cobbs has fallen from 2nd to 4th place in the "special teamer" voting - 13,000 votes shy of 1st place.

Hat tip to Daniel52 for his FanPost about Dan Carpenter's sudden surge.