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Dolphins vs Jets: Prediction Time!

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miami dolphins - Game Averages

Pts Yrds Pass Rush
Off 21.4 347.3 (10th) 229.3 (11th) 118.1 (13th)
Def 20.0 328.9 (15th) 226.2 (25th) 102.7 (10th)

new york jets - Game Averages

Pts Yrds Pass Rush
Off 25.9 331.7 (16th) 203.5 (17th) 128.3 (9th)
Def 22.1 330.1 (17th) 237.3 (29th) 92.8 (7th)

It's that fun time again.  It seems like this game is never going to get here, but we're just a day away from kickoff.  So, as usual, each team's game averages are above.  Below are some "expert" picks:

Chris Mortensen - Jets Jay Novacek - Dolphins
Tom Jackson - Dolphins Pete Prisco - Dolphins
Ron Jaworski - Dolphins Harmon Forecast - Dolphins
Mike Ditka - Dolphins Michael Silver - Dolphins
Peter King - Jets Jason Cole - Dolphins

I'll be honest - I'm surprised.  I thought more people would be all over Brett Favre's junk and predict the Jets to pull out the win.  Of course, once they take the field, these picks don't matter.

But ours do!  Well - not really.  But anyways.  I'm still feeling like total crap - this bug I got just won't go away and I haven't eaten in over a day now.  But just like Channing Crowder will tomorrow, I'm playing (or blogging) through the pain.

Real quick - my prediction.  I've read a lot of fans' thoughts and many Dolphin fans want to think that the Dolphins will find a way - somehow - to win this game.  It's too good of a story for the Dolphins to not win.

So I'm going with the Fins!  I think the running game will actually get it going and be a factor.  And Chad Pennington will do what he has to make - make the plays he needs to make - to keep drives alive and put points on the board.

Dolphins win 24-20.

Tell us how you think this game will play out below....