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Pennington vs Favre: Last 4 Games

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Nothing brings out my holiday cheer like kicking a Jets fan while he's down.

So let's do so.  Quickly, let's take a look at the last 4 games for both Chad Pennington and Brett Favre:

W-L Comp.% Yards YPA TD-Int Rating
Pennington 4-0 71% 738 7.0 6-1 105.2
Favre 1-3 58% 778 5.8 1-6 58.2

So tell me again - which one did the Jets simply kick to the curb without even thinking twice?  Perhaps it's Favre that deserves to be tossed out like yesterday's garbage.

Seriously, though, the next time you see a Jets fan - if they'll even admit to it at this point - be sure to give him or her a big, hearty "thank you."  Without their team's media-driven, attention-driven, and money-driven decision to trade for Brett Favre, the Dolphins probably wouldn't be where they currently stand - one win away from the AFC East title!