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The Pulse of Fin Fans

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Welcome to the first of what I hope to be a reoccurring feature. And it's very simple. Each week (hopefully - if I remember), I will ask all of you Dolphin fans a question about a hot topic that relates to our beloved Dolphins. And I'll BS for a little while and then close the post with a poll - taking the pulse of Dolphin fans everywhere. And because of how wide-reaching this community is - with readers all across the country and all across the globe - it should lead to some interesting results.

This week, the question is simple: In 4 weeks, what will the Dolphins record be - and will it be good enough for a playoff birth?

And to make things easier, I'm going to make the assumption that a 9-7 record is not good enough for even a wild card birth into the postseason - which is almost certain to be true.

We all know the remaining games and we all know how the Dolphins haven't been as sharp as we'd all like these past 4 weeks. But even still, CBS Sports' Clark Judge is picking the Dolphins to win the division - perhaps the only national media personality who has done so. He says:

The smart money is on the Jets, but I don't trust them in their two West Coast games. They're 0-2 there this season, and it wouldn't surprise me if they struggled with either San Francisco or Seattle. Maybe both.

Key game: Miami at N.Y. Jets, Dec. 28.

Advantage: Miami. Look at the schedule: Its next three games are at Buffalo, home to San Francisco and at Kansas City. The Jets counter with road games in San Francisco and Seattle and a home date with Buffalo, a seemingly cozy itinerary. But be advised: Those cross-country trips can be hazardous.

So what do you all say? Vote in the poll and then tell us why below...