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Joey Porter, Ronnie Brown both named to Pro Bowl

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Sure, the Pro Bowl is generally a terrible game to watch.  But it's always nice to have some of your team's players in that game.  And it's an honor for these players to be recognized by their peers.  And remember, while fan voting is 1/3 of the formula to get in, the other 2/3 of it is the voting of opposing players and opposing coaches.

So while the game is unwatchable a lot of the time, it's an honor to be named to the roster.

And for the fourth time in his career, Joey Porter was named to the AFC Pro Bowl team.  He'll be the only Dolphin starting in the game.

But Ronnie Brown will be in Hawaii as well, making the team for the first time in his young career as a reserve.

How about some reaction.  First, Joey Porter:

"Any personal success I have achieved is because the defense has played so well,” Porter said. “I have had the opportunity to make plays because of how well our secondary has performed, along with the defense as a whole."

Ronnie Brown:

"I am honored to have made the team but it’s because of the guys around me,” Brown said. “This is not about me, but about our entire offensive unit and I wish they all could have gotten the same recognition."

Coach Tony Sparano had this to say:

"I am proud of both Joey and Ronnie for making the Pro Bowl team,” said Tony Sparano. “It is a reflection of the hard work they have put in, and also is indicative of our team’s overall effort this year. I am disappointed some of our other players didn’t make it, who I feel are worthy of that recognition, especially since we’ve had such a successful season so far on both sides of the ball."

So let's talk about some Dolphins who might have been overlooked.

Some might say Chad Pennington should be going to Hawaii.  And why I'll argue he's had a far better year than Brett Favre, I think Philip Rivers is the guy who should be in the Pro Bowl over Favre, with Pennington as the first alternate incase one of the 3 that made it can't go.  But Favre should definitely not be on this team.

I think the selection of Jason Peters at tackle is a total joke.  Both Jake Long and Ryan Clady deserve to be there.  Long, from what I've seen, has even out-played Joe Thomas this season.  In my view, if it was up to me, the tackles in the Pro Bowl would be Michael Roos, Jake Long, and Ryan Clady.

Other than Long, though, I don't think any other Dolphins can feel snubbed.  Jason Ferguson is having a damn fine season, but all 3 DTs that made the team are deserving.  Yeremiah Bell is also having a good reason, but Troy Polamalu and Chris Hope are more deserving to make it this year.

A huge "congratulations" goes out to both Ronnie Brown and Joey Porter!!  An honor well deserved for both players!!