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49ers getting a bit mouthy

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Here's something I really didn't know.  I guess having 5 wins is enough for you to run your mouth.  Why do I say this?  Because the 49ers are beginning to get a little mouthy.

Exhibit A: Vernon Davis.  Here's what Davis said this week about Joey Porter:

"I'm pretty sure I've gone up against a lot of other linebackers/defensive ends who are better than him. And I've pretty much won every battle."

Exhibit B: Frank Gore.  Gore might not even play on Sunday.  But even he is running his mouth:

"It's very frustrating, not just because we're going (to Miami), but because we're playing a game, period. I want to be out there with my teammates. I want to be part of that when we beat them."

"When we beat them"?  Really??


I guess the 49ers and Mike Singletary don't believe in the Tony Sparano "when we win, we're humble" logic.

And I never had anything against the 49ers...until now.  Here's to hoping for a big blow-out win on Sunday.  Let's just hope Singletary can keep his pants up.