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Dolphins vs Seahawks: Prediction Time!

miami dolphins - Game Averages

Pts Yrds Pass Rush
Off 21.4 349.0 (9th) 249.3 (6th) 99.8 (23rd)
Def 20.4 331.9 (22nd) 242.3 (26th) 89.6 (9th)

seattle seahawks - Game Averages

Pts Yrds Pass Rush
Off 18.9 255.5 (31st) 141.3 (32nd) 114.3 (12th)
Def 26.2 373.5 (27th) 258.0 (31st) 115.5 (21st)

It's time to make our Dolphin predictions for week 10.  As usual, above are each team's rankings on offense and defense.  And below are a sampling of "expert" picks:

Chris Mortensen - Dolphins Jay Novacek - Dolphins
Tom Jackson - Dolphins Pete Prisco - Dolphins
Ron Jaworski - Dolphins Clark Judge - Dolphins
Mike Ditka - Dolphins Harmon Forecast - Dolphins
Peter King - Dolphins Adam Schein - Dolphins

If nothing else, I think the above picks just emphasize what we already know: the Dolphins are supposed to win this game.  That in itself makes this a dangerous situation for a team like the Dolphins - one that is still learning how to win.

So now I have to make my pick.  Last week, I improved to 4-4 (just like the Fins) with Miami's victory in Denver.  So what about this week?

I think this is a dangerous game for the Dolphins.  When was the last time they were ever supposed to win a game...and then actually did?  But I do think they will do enough to pull off the win.  I think that Chad Pennington will go over 280 yards passing for the 5th straight game - mainly because I still feel like opponents will continue to stack the box against Ronnie Brown.  And I think this defense will get after Seneca Wallace and force a couple of turnovers.

In the end, I'll say that the Dolphins will improve to 5-4 with a 23-13 win over Seattle.

Your picks below...