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Francesa sheds some light on Henne

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I was listening to WFAN, as I usually do - mainly because no other sports radio network comes close to the job that WFAN does, even if it is a NY station.

Mike Francesa, as some may or may not know, is very close to Bill Parcells from Bill's days in New York with the Giants.  And Francesa, in the past, has been right on when sharing with his listeners some of the thoughts that Parcells has on certain players and things like that.

Well just a few moments ago, a Dolphins fan called into Francesa to ask him what he knows about Parcells' feelings towards Chad Henne.  And Francesa, at first, said that he doesn't ask Bill to comment on his players like that.  But then Francesa offered up this nugget:

Do they like him?  Yes, they do like him.  They think he’s going to be a very good quarterback.  Very good.  Do they think they found their future quarterback?  Yes they do.  They’re in no rush to put him in, but they do think he will be a very good quarterback in the league.

Nothing earth-shattering here.  But it's just fun to hear, especially on a NY sports radio station.

And just to add one note: I think this week could possibly be a week where Henne gets some playing time.  But to do so, the Dolphins are going to have to be at least 17 points up in the 4th quarter.  So if the Dolphins play perfectly and win a game that they should - one in which they are 8 or 9 point favorites at home against a 2-6 team that is flying across the country - then we could get a chance to see Henne work in some "mop-up" a win, not a loss like back in week 2.