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Andy Alleman may start at RG on Sunday

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There's an interesting little nugget in a Sun-Sentinel article that, among other things, talks about the recently signed OT Brandon Frye.  Frye was a 5th round pick by the Texans in 2007, spent the season in the practice squad, and has never played in an NFL game since being drafted out of Virginia Tech.

The interesting little nugget, though, is that Andy Alleman could potentially start at RG on Sunday - replacing both Ike Ndukwe and Evan Mathis:

Sparano indicated that a shake-up was coming at right guard where Ike Ndukwe and Evan Mathis has been sharing snaps. The running game has stalled over the past three weeks, and Sparano hinted that veteran lineman Andy Alleman might man that spot Sunday against the Seahawks.

"No, probably not quite the level I'd like to see,'' Sparano said of the play of Ndukwe and Mathis. "They're young guys playing at that position [who] right now are probably not playing fast enough for me right now. They're getting better. I see progress. I see improvement from both of them. We're kind of going to mix that whole deal up a little bit. We'll see how that goes.''

Alleman was claimed by the Dolphins off of waivers before the season.  He was a 3rd round pick by the Saints, coming out of Akron.  He measures in at 6'4, 310 pounds, but has never started an NFL game.

The knock on Alleman was that he might be too much of a "finesse" lineman.  But the Dolphins haven't gotten much out of their current right guards since Donald Thomas was lost for the season.  The running game has struggled, especially to the right side, and Sparano might feel that starting Alleman on Sunday won't necessarily be any worse than the production they've gotten from Ndukwe and Mathis.