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Dolphins vs Rams Post Game Celebration Thread

**UPDATE**:  Some bad news.  Justin Smiley has a broken right leg and tore all the ligaments in his ankle.  This is a huge hit to Miami's offensive line.  And not only do you have to worry about replacing him this year, but you have to also worry about the potential long-term effect.  Ugh! [end update]

Well it took 3 Marc Bulger interceptions, but the Dolphins are 7-5 - knocking off the Rams 16-12 (damn - that's an ugly score).

Let's be honest, though.  The Dolphins really struggled to win this one.  But a win is a won - especially on the road.

Enjoy the rest of your Football Sunday.

Usual posts should be up later on today and tomorrow.

Oh - and let's go Steelers and Broncos!