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Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Wherever you are and whatever you're doing, enjoy the holiday and be safe!

Enjoy your friends and family and let's all hope for at least some marginally interesting football today.

Titans at Lions, 12:30, CBS
Seahawks at Cowboys, 4:15, FOX
Cardinals at Eagles, 8:15, NFLN

And I do want to just say that one of the things I'm definitely thankful for this Thanksgiving is all of you out there.  You take the time of out your busy day to stop by here and join in the discussion - and I really appreciate it.  Thanks to all of you, we've built quite the community here.  And this place just wouldn't be any fun without all of you getting involved regularly.

So on this Thanksgiving, my gift to all of you is below after the jump.  I promise you'll all like it!!  (Want a hint?  Think Leon Lett.)

Happy Thanksgiving!