Crowder, Light fined, No Suspensions

OK first of all I think this is complete BS.  There's a fight on the field.  Punches are thrown.  One guy in particular is swinging away at a player who's lost his helmet.  And there's no suspensions?  Really? 

The league has said that it was Crowder who "verbally instigated" the fight.  And that they received equal fines even though it was Crowder who started the whole mess.  What?  Light went after him, Crowder pushed him, and Light grabbed hair and flailed away at Crowder's head.  I'm pissed about this ruling, because it reeks of favoritism from the Commish. 

Light got up and he and Crowder pushed each other in the face. Light then grabbed Crowder's dreadlocks in his left hand and hit him three times on the head with his right.

That's the summary of the incident in ESPN's article.  That alone should tell you everything you need to know.  Matt Light grabbed Crowder's hair and hit him three times in the head.  How can you throw closed-fists into somebody's head and avoid suspensions?  Ridiculous.  Way to go Goodell.  You're a toolbag.  Fine me.  Go for it.  Apparently you can attempt to beat somebody's face in on the field, but HOW DARE YOU criticize the referee's after they blow a call.  This is just another incident in which this commissioner seems to favor the darling team of the NFL.  First was the Spygate garbage.  The Patriots were caught cheating.  Plain and simple.  And the only penalty was a fine.  Brilliant, fine the billionaire, that'll teach him.  No suspensions, no forfeits, no nothing.  And now, one of their key players swings punches DURING THE GAME, and gets a slap on the wrist fine.

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