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Is no news good news for Crowder?

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On NFL Total Access tonight, Adam Schefter reported that the league has not yet made a decision on either Channing Crowder and Matt Light regarding their little fight on Sunday.  But both players were ejected from the game, meaning at least a fine is likely.

However, Schefter points out that the league generally likes to suspend players earlier in the week so that teams can prepare to play without one of their players.  So is the fact that neither has been suspended as of now a good sign for Crowder?  I'm led to believe that it is - though news could still break at any time between now and the end of the week.

I'd say we'll likely hear something from the league by Wednesday night.  If Crowder makes it through tomorrow without being suspended, I would doubt the league would announce to suspend a player on Thanksgiving.  Not only is it a holiday, but it's also rather late in the week to inform a team that they'll be playing without one of their key players.

Either way, you have to imagine that Channing will avoid any suspension.  After all, what did he really do other than shove a player after the whistle - something that happens all the time?

If you missed it, video of the altercation can be seen after the jump - for as long as YouTube keeps the video up, of course.

And yes, Matt Light is still a girl.