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The Patriots are dirty; what else is new?

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One thing that amazes me from time to time is how Patriot fans don't realize why everyone else dislikes their team.  Never mind that their head coach dresses like a hobo, has the personality of an eggplant, and orchestrated one of the biggest cheating scandals in the history of professional sports.  Never mind that they continually run up the score against opponents.  Never mind that their coach also acts like a little crybaby by refusing to shake hands after a game with certain opposing head coaches.  Oh - and we can't forget that Rodney Harrison, one of the game's dirtiest players, was found to be on steroids - well, technically HGH (still illegal).

Now we have players complaining that the numerous Patriot players were playing with malicious intent.  Below is an excerpt from a Miami Herald article:

Dolphins linebacker Akin Ayodele on Monday accused New England of taking ''malicious,'' potentially injurious shots after the whistle, helping to provoke the Dolphins into the late-game emotional meltdown. And Ayodele wasn't just talking about Sunday.

Ayodele, who faced the Patriots in a high-profile game last season while with Dallas, said big-game emotions run high, ``but usually this only happens when you play the Patriots. I know every time I've been in games like that, it's mostly when you play those guys.''

Ayodele told reporters to watch the broadcast of the game and see what happens after the whistle. He said he thought officials let cheap shots after the play go to the point that players believed they had to take action to defend themselves or teammates. Dolphins nose guard Jason Ferguson said officials didn't try to take control of the game until it was too late.

Wow.  Shocking, right?  The Patriots are a dirty team?  No.  Can't be.  ESPN loves them too much for them to be a dirty, classless team.

Oh well.  What goes around, comes around.  And they'll eventually get what's coming to them.  I'll let the "karma police" handle them.