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Dolphins vs Patriots Post Game Thread

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This loss really hurts Miami's playoff chances.  The offense played well.  The defense - not so much.

But still, after one win last year, 6-5 doesn't sound so bad.

Let's hope Greg Camarillo isn't hurt too badly.  If anyone finds an update, let us know.

Please note: I know we're all angry about losing.  But keep this thread relatively clean.  I really don't feel like dishing out warnings and bans right now.  And if there's an excess of f-bombs and other profanity, I will have to warn and ban.

As for me, I'm going to forget about this game for a few hours.  Usual recap post coming tonight/tomorrow morning.

**UPDATE**: Quick injury news.  About his ankle injury, Jake Long said, "It's fine."  As for Greg Camarillo, he left on crutches.  But he did say, "I'll be alright.  It's nothing too serious."