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Another reason to respect Pennington

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As if it wasn't impressive enough what Chad Pennington has done for the Dolphins - and what he's meant to this team - we have learned something else.  Imagine having to lead that final drive against the Raiders not only without the usage of the helmet radio signal, but also with a loud noise continuously playing out of your speaker in your helmet.  That's what Pennington had to do yesterday:

During a come-from-behind drive in the final minutes of a 17-15 victory Sunday against Oakland, the coach-to-player radio in Pennington's helmet badly malfunctioned. His ears were invaded by a deafening shriek that he couldn't stop for several snaps.

With more than half of a field between he and the end zone during the critical drive, Pennington also could no longer hear offensive coordinator Dan Henning's voice telling him the plays.

''It just kept ringing!'' Pennington said. 'When I finally had a chance, I just took it over to the sideline and said, `Cut the stinking cord!' ''

Pennington would roll on. And so, too, would the magic of Miami's improbable season.

Come to think of it, I did wonder why, at one point on that last drive (I believe at the two-minute warning), Chad came to the sideline, took off his helmet, and handed it to somebody.  I guess they were cutting the wire to quiet that "deafening shriek" that Pennington was forced to listen to.

And the legend of CP10 in Miami continues to grow...