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Dolphins talking extension with Greg Camarillo

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Greg Camarillo is the team's leader in receptions and receiving yards.  Yet he's only making $445,000 this season - the league minimum for a 3 year veteran.  But it looks like the Dolphins are looking to change that.

The Palm Beach Post is reporting that the Dolphins are indeed in talks with Camarillo's agent about a long-term deal:

Camarillo’s contract seems to be a priority for the Dolphins, who are in discussions with him about a new deal.

This is interesting because Camarillo would be a restricted free agent following the season.  Sound familiar?  Think back to Wes Welker, who wasn't locked up before he became a restricted free agent and were then forced to trade him because the Patriots added a "poison pill" to their contract offer, making it impossible for the Dolphins to match New England's offer.

So getting Camarillo locked up for at least a few more seasons seems logical and will hopefully get done.

And then this front office will have to turn their attention to a number of other potential free agents, including Yeremiah Bell, Channing Crowder, Vernon Carey, and Andre Goodman (Who has improved over the past few games).

So as we enjoy this run the team is on, let's not forget that some big decisions that will impact the future of this team lie not too far ahead.