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Marino says playing Henne not bad idea once season is lost

So we've been debating here for a couple of days now about at what point the Dolphins should make the switch to Chad Henne at quarterback - despite Chad Pennington's fairly reliable and consistent play. 

Now we have another opinion on the subject.  But this time, it's from Dan Marino - who spoke with Joe Rose this morning on his radio show.  And when Dan Marino speaks, you listen.  Below is an excerpt from the PBP on what was said:

“The Dolphins should be glad they have a guy like Chad Pennington,” Marino said this morning on his weekly show with Joe Rose on WQAM. “I think Chad’s plenty good enough for them to win some games this year and continue to develop the franchise to the point where it’s better in the future.”

But Marino also thinks the Dolphins should be glad to have rookie Chad Henne, who might have the strongest arm by a Miami QB since you know who.

Pennington might be the best Dolphins QB to play here since Marino himself, but Henne, not Pennington, is the future.

At some point, Marino believes the Dolphins might have to turn the page from Pennington to Henne...Marino said if the Dolphins are out of the playoff race by December, it’s time to give Henne a shot.

“i don’t see any problem with playing him,” Marino said. “This is a team that is trying to rebuild.”

Notice, though, that Dan said that it would be time to give Henne some starts if the Dolphins are out of the playoff race by December.

And that's basically exactly what I said in today's earlier post.  Starting Henne in two or three weeks doesn't make sense.

I also just want to highlight this blog post written by Omar Kelly - who is not in favor of starting Henne.  Feel free to check that article out.

Thoughts below...