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More Fallout from Sunday

I want to talk a little bit more about some of the fallout from Sunday's 14-point loss to the Ravens.  But first, I have an announcement.

I officially love Jake Long.  In fact, I'm prepared to now own my first ever offensive lineman jersey. 

I went back and re-watched some of Jake's play from Sunday, re-read the compliments that he was given by Ravens LB Terrell Suggs, and read Nicky's comments on Jake in his "gameballs post."  And I now am officially sold on him.

Thank you and back to our regularly scheduled post.

One other note.  As I was watching the Patriots trounce the Broncos in New England, I couldn't help but recall those same fans - fans that were all smiles and were cheering and dancing and celebrating - leaving with 14+ minutes left in a week 3 game against a certain NFL team.  And I now appreciate that week 3 victory even more!

That's right, folks.  You can sense it.  It's coming.  In fact, for some, it's already here.

That's right.  I'm talking about Hurricane Henne.  Regular community members here at TP already know that the Hurricane Henne bandwagon is headed by our very own 'W NY Fins Fan."  And now even the media is chiming in.  So I suppose I should take a few moments and quickly address this situation and provide my worthless opinion.  After all, opinions are like a--holes: everybody has one and most stink.

I've long been a believer that having a rookie QB sit for his entire 1st season is the way to go in most situations - as long as he's getting practice reps each week.  When the Dolphins signed Chad Pennington, I was skeptical.  But Pennington has grown on me since day one.  And even after those first 2 losses, I still felt that starting Henne in a game was a bad idea right now.

But I'm beginning to change my tune.  Why?  Two reasons.  First of all, the offensive line is coming together nicely - especially in pass protection.  Give this unit a few more games to gel and I'll no longer worry about our rookie QB (and potential franchise QB) getting killed each week.  And second of all, it's clear that the threat of Miami's running game is really what opposing teams game plan around.  Ricky Williams is still a solid runner and Ronnie Brown has proven that he's healthy and is as good as ever.  Therefore, our rookie QB would likely have some fair opportunities for success throwing the ball as opposing defensive coordinators game plan to stop the run.  We could even see a few long balls to our favorite 9th overall pick.

Yes, I'll admit that the thought of a play-action bomb from Chad Henne to Ted Ginn is freakin' enticing.

So the question would them become, "when?"  And that's the tricky thing about this.  First, let me say that I'm all in favor of what the coaching staff is already willing to do - play Henne late in blow-out games (a la the Arizona game).  But as far as a timetable for when Henne could possibly start?  Hard to say.

So let me say this.  I wouldn't be opposed to seeing Henne start if/when the Dolphins lose for the 8th time this year.  Until then, I say you go out and play to make the playoffs.  Will they?  No - probably not.  But you can't throw in the white flag already.  It looks bad to the rest of the players on this team.  And there's really no way - outside of Pennington self-destructing - you can try to sell the idea that Henne gives the Dolphins a better chance to win than Pennington does.

So that's my plan - and I'm sticking to it.

-Some will look at Sunday's box score and see that Ted Ginn only averaged 18 yards per return on 5 kickoff returns.  However, here's a nice little stat.  On those 5 returns, the Dolphins average starting field position was their own 38 yard line.  What do you think now?

-Jason Ferguson is listed as day-to-day and might miss the game on Sunday against the Bills.  If you watched the game on Sunday, then you know how valuable he is to this defense.  He might be the most important player on this defense simply because of how he does a job that nobody else on the roster can do.

-Anyone notice that the Cowboys are simply collapsing?  Anyone see that their defense is surrendering 5 more points per game than they did last season?  Anyone realize that their defensive coordinator is on the verge of getting fired?  And does know where most of their coaches from last year, especially on the defensive side of the ball, are?  Todd Bowles, Paul Pasqualoni, and Kacy Rodgers are all in Miami building our defense.  Sucks for you, Jerry Jones!

Thoughts below...