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Derek Hagan shows signs of life...sort of

Oh that Derek Hagan.  Remember how everyone in the media down in South Florida raved about his play during training camp - only to disappear on gamedays?

Well, now Hagan again is getting some attention at practice.  But it's not the kind of attention he probably wants.  Apparently, Hagan and Will Allen got into a little scuffle during practice today.  According to the Palm Beach Post, here's what happened:

The confrontation began with Hagan running a route from the 10-yard-line in which he fakes to the middle and cuts to the corner of the end zone. Allen had inside coverage, and Hagan clearly pushed off him to create room for himself before catching the pass.

Allen immediately objected to the play - which probably would have been called offensive pass interference had the official been throwing his flag - by getting in Hagan's face. Hagan jawed right back and pushed Allen, knocking him into the official, who then went sprawling.

So first Hagan commits a penalty - then he decides to shove Allen when Allen gets into his face to complain about the push off. 

Well done, sir.

But I guess Hagan is just mad because, well, he sucks.

OK.  Maybe that was too harsh.  But until Hagan gives me any reason to defend him, I simply refuse to.  At least Will Allen is a contributor to this team.

Hagan?  Not so much.