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Dolphins vs Ravens: Prediction Time!

miami dolphins - Game Averages

Pts Yrds Pass Rush
Off 21.4 346.8 (10th) 226.8 (11th) 120.0 (11th)
Def 20.6 328.0 (18th) 239.0 (29th) 89.0 (8th)

baltimore ravens - Game Averages

Pts Yrds Pass Rush
Off 13.0 283.8 (25th) 150.6 (29th-T) 133.2 (7th)
Def 14.5 220.8 (1st) 154.4 (1st) 66.4 (1st)

It's time to once again to make some predictions.  Above are each team's rankings on offense and defense.  Below are some picks of randomly selected "experts":

Mike Ditka - Dolphins Jay Novacek - Dolphins
Ron Jaworski - Ravens Peter King - Dolphins
Chris Mortensen - Ravens Harmon Forecast - Dolphins
Tom Jackson - Dolphins Pete Prisco - Dolphins
Mark Schlereth - Dolphins Adam Schein - Dolphins

As for me, that heartbreaking loss last week dropped me to 3-2 in my weekly Dolphin picks.  But I'm confident I'll rebound this week with my pick, which is...?

Well, I see this game being a tight, physical game.  Baltimore's defense is damn good - but their offense is lacking.  None of their 3 running backs average over 4 yards per carry (though I admit I do think Ray Rice will be a good player in the NFL).  Joe Flacco seems to make too many bad decisions - probably because the jump from D I-AA college ball to the NFL is a bit steep.

The Dolphins have to try to remain committed to the run.  They have to.  It's their strength and - even though it's also Baltimore's defensive strength - the Fins can't afford to become a one-dimensional team.

In the end, though, I think it'll come down to which team makes fewer mistakes.  And clearly, that will be the Dolphins.  Sure, a 4-1 turnover differential didn't help Miami last week.  But Joe Flacco and Derek Mason are no Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson.

So I'm taking the Dolphins in a tight one, 16-13.

Tell us your predictions below...