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Two injury notes down in Davie

You'll remember that there was a rumor circulating about Will Allen having a potentially serious knee injury.  Well it turns out that Allen does indeed have a knee injury - but is attempting to play through it.  The Sun-Sentinel is reporting that Allen had his left knee "heavily wrapped" during practice today - but practiced without limitations.  However, the Palm Beach Post reports that Allen only participated in individual drills at today's practice, sitting out during both one-on-one drills and full team (11-on-11) drills.

So either Allen was limited, or he wasn't.  Make sense?

What is known though is that Will Allen does indeed have a left knee injury.  So let's just hope for the best.

Also, Dolphins FB Casey Cramer didn't practice today, instead working off to the side a the trainer.  No word yet as to what ails Cramer.