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Derek Anderson Talk

So I've been hearing a lot, especially today, about the Dolphins potentially trading for Derek Anderson.  Apparently, 790 AM has been talking a lot about this today.  I haven't been listening myself, but I've gotten a few e-mails about this.  I guess what's being said is that Anderson is the kind of QB that Bill Parcells usually likes.  Yada yada yada.

First of all, that's not entirely true.  I seem to recall Bill winning some titles with Phil Simms under center.  And if memory serves me correctly, Simms was no bigger than 6'3.  Also, like I've said before, giving up whatever it is Cleveland will be asking for, and because he's a RFA, it'll likely be a 1st and a 3rd round pick, the Dolphins would be absolutely crazy to bring him in.

Incase you don't know my feelings on Anderson, I suggest you read this article about Derek.  Basically, it says he makes more bad throws than either John Beck and Cleo Lemon.  The basic premise is that Anderson is more a product of having very good to borderline great skill position players around him and a top 10 offensive line blocking in front of him.

And to top it off, Browns' GM Phil Savage is saying that Anderson will be the team's starting quarterback in 2008.  Here's an excerpt from the article:

Savage also said that Derek Anderson is the starting quarterback heading into next season. Savage said Anderson has earned the chance to be the Browns starting quarterback again in 2008, following his breakout 2007 season, in which he was named a Pro Bowl alternate.

He said the Browns feel Anderson should have "a chance to go into the batter's box and swing for the fences next years. Our expectation is that he'll hit some home runs for us.''

Savage said, in effect, that this means both Anderson and Brady Quinn are off the market for 2008. Crennel had said earlier that Anderson was the starter as of now, but that the team would listen to offers.

This, of course, could be a ploy to try and get Anderson's asking price up even higher, but I doubt that when you consider it's already high enough.  And if the Browns were willing to part with him, I think that would seriously say something about the kind of player Anderson is.  You don't just trade away franchise quarterbacks in this league.  If the Browns were willing to deal him, then that sends up red flags to me.  However, I think Savage is stating the truth here and I believe the Browns do plan on keeping Anderson for at least another year.