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The Latest on the Coaching Search

Like many, I will often times get on the case of Miami Herald writer Armando Salguero, and for good reason (most of the time).  But I got to hand it to the guy.  He gets the latest information and quickly informs his readers either via an article or his blog.  So kudos to him, as he supplies us with the very latest on the Dolphins' head coaching search.

There's a lot of info here, so we'll take it piece by piece.

First of all, as many know, Vikings' defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier was in for an interview on Monday.  However, his interview didn't conclude until yesterday.  That goes against the idea that Frazier was solely interviewed because he is a minority and interviewing him satisfies the "Rooney Rule."  In fact, even Frazier doesn't believe this conspiracy theory that's going around.  Here's what he said:

"I think [the rule] was respected. Having myself in, and I don't know who the other candidates are, but them giving me the opportunity to sit down and talk about the job shows that they respect it. We'll just have to see what happens from there."

Considering the team interviewed him over two days, and considering the fact that even Frazier feels like he'll be given a fair shot, I hope this puts to end this theories about the Dolphins not complying with the "Rooney Rule."

So how did the interview go?  Here's what Frazier said:

"I think I did very well. You have to talk to Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland to see their thoughts on that. They're the ones you should talk to, but I was happy with how I did."

"I was honest and forthright. That's all you can do in that situation. Like I said, I think I did well."

Frazier, in my opinion, does seem like he'd make a very good heach coach.  He's been successful wherever he's been in whatever capacity he's been in.  And many do hold him in high regards.  He may not get this head coaching job, but he will indeed get one.

Moving along, the next interview the Dolphins held was with former Ravens' defensive coordinator Rex Ryan.  Ryan's interview, according to the Herald was expected to last until later today.  However, Salguero reports that Ryan's interview was brief.  In fact, he flew in on Tuesday and was leaving town the same day.  Why?  It's very likely Ryan doesn't even want the job, considering he told the Herald that "Bill [Parcells] has his hands full."  

So I'm guessing we can cross Ryan off of the list.  That's fine by me, though.  I was never really that sold on him as a head coach.  Maybe that's because he's a Ryan, and we all remember how volatile his father was.  

Another potential head coach we can cross off the list is Cardinals' offensive coordinator Todd Haley.  According to a source, Haley has declined an interview request with Miami for the head coaching position.  The Dolphins were given permission to speak with him, but Haley chose otherwise.  Instead, Haley signed a contract extension with the Cardinals.  

What does this mean?  It could simply be that Haley likes the Arizona weather.  Or maybe Haley thinks the Dolphins are too much of a mess and he doesn't want to deal with it.  But it is interesting because Haley has experience working with Tony Sparano, Bill Parcells, and Jeff Ireland.  

So here's one potential theory that might makes some rounds.  Could it be that Haley knows something?  Is there potential for Haley to already know that Sparano is going to get the job?  Maybe.  From all reports, Sparano and Haley are on good terms.  So perhaps Haley contacted Sparano and asked him if there is a "wink-nod" agreement in place between the Dolphins and Sparano.  Maybe Haley told Sparano the Cardinals had a contract extension on the table and he didn't want to make Arizona wait if he had no shot at getting the Dolphins' job, at which time Sparano somehow "hinted" that there is a "wink-nod" agreement in place between he and the Dolphins.

Or maybe I'm starting to read too much into all these conspiracy theories regarding the Dolphins.

Bottom line: Sparano is still the favorite, with Frazier running in second.  Rex Ryan is probably not a candidate anymore and Haley took himself out of contention.  So who gets interviewed next?  That's the question for now.