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Dolphins hire QB Coach: David Lee

This was rumored last night and we talked about it here.  Now, it's official.  The Miami Herald confirms that the Dolphins have hired David Lee to be the team's new QB coach.  Terry Shea had this job in 2006 on Cameron's staff.

This is a hiring that was orchestrated by Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland.  There is no new news on the head coaching search.  However, this has to be a little clue as to what will eventually happen.  Lee has ties to the Cowboys and to Tony Sparano.  Lee worked for four years with Parcells and Sparano in Dallas before becoming the offensive coordinator for the Arkansas Razorbacks.

So this is likely another piece to the puzzle that will eventually become clear: that Tony Sparano will be this team's head coach.  We just need the Cowboys to lose so that we can get this formality out of the way.

A big hat tip to "finsguy23" for bringing the Miami Herald article to my attention.