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Video Time!

Here's a classic Miami Dolphins Wild Card Weekend moment. It was the 1994 season. It was January 7, which also happens to be my birthday. The Dolphins were 10-6 and hosting the Kansas City Chiefs, who were 9-7 and led by QB Joe Montana.

It's late in the 2nd quarter, with less than a minute until halftime. The Dolphins are trailing 17-10. On this very drive, Dan Marino makes two big plays. The first was an 8 yard pass to O.J. McDuffie to convert a 3rd and 4 from their own 26. The second key play was a 4th and 3 play from KC's 36, when Marino connected with McDuffie on a 17 yard pass to get down to KC's 19. Now it's 3rd and goal from the 1, when Marino makes another play:

Ah yes...good times!