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Dolphins to interview Sparano, Frazier (updated)

This should come as no surprise.  The Dolphins have received permission to interview Dallas assistant Tony Sparano, according to the Miami Herald:

The Dolphins have requested and received permission to interview Dallas assistant head coach Tony Sparano for their head coach vacancy, according to Cowboys owner Jerry Jones who confirmed the request on his Dallas-area radio show today.

NFL rules state Miami will have until Sunday when the final wild card game ends to conduct the interview.

That is good because Sparano, considered the front-runner to get the Miami job, apparently has a pretty busy schedule the next day or so. He is scheduled to interview with both the Atlanta Falcons and Baltimore Ravens by Saturday. So it stands to reason the Dolphins will talk to Sparano on Sunday.

Hat tip to "finguy23" for pointing this out in a comment of his.

**UPDATE**: The Palm Beach Post is reporting that the official interview with Sparano is scheduled for Saturday. Also, the Dolphins will interview Leslie Frazier, Minnesota's defensive coordinator, on Monday.

Also, the Post reports that the Dolphins have contacted Rex Ryan, but it's believed he was contacted about the defensive coordinator's job, not the head coaching job. Cowboys secondary coach Todd Bowles is also considered a candidate for the DC job. [end update]