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Even more on Chad Johnson wanting out of Cincy

"Ocho Cinco" watch 2008 has begun.  Today, Chad Johnson, endorsing his charity work with Degree, has made the rounds down in Arizona, going on various radio and TV shows.  And in many of those interviews, Johnson has seemed frustrated and clearly is positioning himself to get out of Cincinnati.  Will it work?  That's anyone's guess.

Now, Larry McAlister, a Cincinnato radio host, has made an entry on his blog about how today could be the beginning of the end of Chad's era in Cincinnati.  Here's some of what he wrote:

Mark the day and time.....Jan. 30, 2008 on the Jim Rome show. I think Bengal fans will look back and remember this day for years to come.

If it wasn't obvious before, it is now......Chad Johnson has turned the page and his back on his Bengals career. This isn't isn't fun...and it's not an act. This is calculated and orchestrated. He and agent Drew Rosenhaus have put the wheels in motion to get out of town. They believe he's best served leaving Cincinnati. They view the field turf as greener any place else.

This is about money, losing, marketing and trust. Chad continues to believe he is being sabotaged by, not the fans or media...but the organization. This might be fixable if it was the media and fans. Anyone think this organization is good at making guys feel loved?

Come to Miami!!  We'll make you feel loved!!  I promise!!

Anyway, for the perspective of Bengals fans, head on over to Cincy Jungle, SBN's Bengals blog.  In particular, check out Josh's latest article by clicking here.

And now I'll ask you all.  Will Johnson be a Bengal in 2008 if you had to guess?  And if no, do you realistically think he can end up in Miami?