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**OFFICIAL: Cam Cameron fired**

**UPDATE #2**: In Ireland's press conference, he said that a big reason for the firing of Cam Cam was that he and Parcells just didn't know him very well and they would rather have someone who shared their same philosophies. So the rumors about the high interest Parcells has in Tony Sparano and Todd Haley are probably quite accurate. Also, ProFootballTalk is reporting that the Dolphins will be having former Ravens defensive coordinator Rex Ryan in for an interview for the head coaching job. [end update #2]

**UPDATE**: It's official, as the team has announced the move on their website. New GM Jeff Ireland released the following statement:

"This is a difficult decision, and I want to thank Cam and the rest of his staff for their work this past season. By making this decision now, it gives all of the coaches the greatest chance to pursue other opportunities."

Also, the Herald reports that there will be an 11 am press conference with both Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland. [end update]

It is being reported that the Dolphins have finally fired Cam Cameron.  ESPN's Chris Mortensen first reported it.  And since, both the Miami Herald and the Sun-Sentinel have posted their own stories.  

It's also being reported that all but 2 of Cam's coaches have been fired as well.  The two that have been retained are assistant special teams coach Steve Hoffman and linebackers coach George Edwards. Why have these two been retained? Probably because both have experience working with Jeff Ireland in Dallas.