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The next step for Dolphins

Clearly, the next step for Miami is to find their head coach.  And we've all heard the Tony Sparano rumors for quite some time now.  However, I've talked to some that actually believe Sparano and the Dolphins have a verbal agreement in place.  In fact, there's a theory out there which claims that Bill Parcells told Jeff Ireland that wherever he ended up (Atlanta or Miami), Ireland would be coming with him.  That part has happened come to fruition in Miami.  But the other part of the theory claims that Parcells and Ireland have already told Sparano that wherever they ended up (Atlanta or Miami), Sparano would come aboard as head coach.  Now that Bill and Jeff are in Miami, some believe it's all but official that Tony Sparano will become the Dolphins' next head coach.

Of course, there are many things wrong with this thoery if it is indeed accurate.  And that's why we will never know, even after a head coaching decision is made, if this "verbal agreement" is accurate.  Most importantly, it would be a clear violation of the Rooney Rule, which states that a team must interview at least one minority candidate when hiring a head coach.  

With that said, here's what I think might happen.  If this verbal agreement does exist and Sparano is "unofficially" the next Dolphins head coach, I think Bill and Jeff will do their best to make it look like it does not exist, meaning they will conduct quite a few interviews before "settling" on Sparano.  It's already been reported that Rex Ryan will be in for an interview.  I'd expect Todd Haley to be in for one as well.  To satisfy the Rooney Rule, I'd bet that either Maurice Carthon or Mike Singletary (or both) interview with the Dolphins.  And then I wouldn't at all be shocked to see a parade of other candidates.  

The only other interesting tidbit regarding this potential theory is that in his press conference today, Ireland quickly dismissed a question about Sparano.  That isn't surprising when you consider what we just talked about.  

But in reality, I'd get to know Tony Sparano quite well because he'll likely become the next Miami Dolphins head coach.