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Dan Marino on John Beck...and wine

The Sun-Sentinel's Brian Wacker had the chance to chat with the greatest pure passer who ever lived, Danny Marino.  And like many, including myself, Marino also agrees that it's impossible to judge John Beck on his 2007 performance:

"It was tough for him because they were struggling as a team and he had some tough road games. One thing I noticed about him is that his decision making is quick. He's real decisive in his decisions and getting rid of the ball."

"But I haven't seen him up close to see things like arm strength, and we haven't seen enough him because he's only played in a few games."

I noticed Beck's decision making and quick release as well this year.  And though you don't want to, it's hard not to at least draw some comparison to Danny (in regards to his release, that is).  It's not quite as quick as Marino's, but it's pretty darn close.

Meanwhile, Marino has also announced the release of his own wine.  You can learn about it (and see the very nice label) and even order the wine by clicking here.  The wine sells for, of course, $13 a bottle, with a portion of the proceeds going to the Dan Marino Foundation.  

I really don't like wine, but I'll be ordering a few bottles of these babies!!