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More info on Chad Johnson asking to be dealt?

I found this to be quite interesting.  A writer for the Cincinnsti Frontier, Mark Curnutte, wrote the following in a very brief blog post:

Chad Johnson is at it again. The wide receiver is now lobbying for a trade to his hometown Miami Dolphins.

That's it.  That's all Mark tells us.  And the only link that is included is a link to the YouTube video from the NFL Network that we've posted here on this site (scroll down a story or two).  

So what I'm not wondering is if Curnutte has some other information or if he's just a few days late in reporting the original story that broke when Chad asked Bill Parcells to call him.  Could it be that Chad has actually formally spoken with the "powers that be" in Cincinnati and made a formal trade request?  Probably not, considering how vague Curnutte's blog post is.

But, hey, one can wish.  Because I'll be honest: the more I think about "Ocho Cinco" in Miami, the more I seem to like it.

**UPDATE**: Just to quickly update this, it seems now that John Clayton is also reporting that Chad Johnson wants a trade to Miami:

Johnson to the Dolphins? Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson continues to push for a trade, possibly to the Miami Dolphins. He is trying to angle for a new contract but even that appears to be unlikely at the moment.