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Carmichael to shun Dolphins?

ProFootballTalk is reporting that the Saints QB coach Pete Carmichael Jr., who reportedly was offered the Dolphins' offensive coordinator job, has turned it down and decided to stay in New Orleans:

Now that Monday morning has come and gone, we're hearing that Saints quarterbacks coach Pete Carmichael has opted to stay put with the team in lieu of leaving to become the Dolphins' offensive coordinator.

At this point, it's only an unconfirmed rumor.

Carmichael has been a key ingredient in the development and rise of Saints quarterback Drew Brees.  Carmichael worked with Brees since 2002, Brees' second season in the league.

Sure, it's only a rumor.  But there could be some truth to it, as PFT is also reporting the Dolphins will be interviewing Hue Jackson, likely on Tuesday, for the OC job:

One of the rumors that we've heard regarding the situation in Miami, and have been able to subsequently confirm, is that Hue Jackson will interview for a position with the Dolphins -- presumably, offensive coordinator.

Jackson worked for the Falcons as offensive coordinator in 2007.  Former Miami assistant Mike Mularkey has replaced him there.

As we understand it, the interview is set for Tuesday.  It's unknown whether the courtship of Jackson will continue as to another spot on coach Tony Sparano's if the Saints release quarterbacks coach Pete Carmichael, whom the Dolphins want to hire for the job of offensive coordinator.

Hue Jackson?  Really?  Like the above article says, he is most recently the offensive coordinator of the Falcons.  Before he got that job in Atlanta, he had spent 3 seasons in Cincinnati as the WR coach of the Bengals.

Now, it's hard to get excited about Jackson because of how poor the Falcons were in 2007.  But the work he did with guys like Chad Johnson, T.J. Houshmandzadeh, and Chris Henry is impressive.  And most importantly, Johnson was a big fan Jackson in Cincy.  

Perhaps, if Jackson gets the job, he could persuade the Dolphins to make a serious run at "Ocho Cinco."

Hat tip to "YatilGinnJr" for pointing this out in the diaries section.