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Video Time: Joe Flacco Edition

"Video Saturdays" continue. This week, I've featured a video of Delaware QB Joe Flacco. Flacco, in my opinion, is really one of the only (if not the one and only) quarterback I'd want the Dolphins to potentially draft in April. Matt Ryan, in my opinion, is not worth a high 1st round pick, let alone pick #1. Flacco could possibly be selected in the third round (maybe the 2nd if he impresses in today's Senior Bowl and at the Combine).

Don't get me wrong. I still believe in John Beck as much, if not more, than I did when he was drafted. But you can never nave too many talented QBs on a roster. But it's just a matter of when the Dolphins should draft a QB. No way should they consider a QB, in my opinion, in the first 2 rounds. The only exception to that would be if the Dolphins decide Flacco is worth their late 2nd round pick. But it's probably unlikely.

Regardless, here's a nice little video of Flacco, in case you haven't seen him at all:

And incase you are interested in seeing part 1 of this video highlight, it was posted by "Alpha6" in the diaries section about a week ago. Here's the direct link to that video.

Thoughts below...