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REPORT: Jason Taylor to have surgery (updated)

Oddly enough, is reporting that Jason Taylor needs to undergo some offseason surgery:

Taylor suffered a torn plantar fascia (foot) late this past season that will likely require surgery.

Now that's all it says in the article, which is about Aaron Schobel replacing JT in the pro bowl because of this foot injury.  What we don't know is how serious this is.  Worst case scenario, though, would be that Taylor misses some (or most) of the spring practices.  It's not like he needs those practices anyway.  

Regardless, it's something to keep an eye on.

**UPDATE**: The Palm Beach Post confirms the injury and Taylor's decision to pull out of the pro bowl. But this story also says surgery is not needed:

Taylor battled discomfort for the second half of the season before eventually tearing the plantar fascia on his left foot against Baltimore on Dec.16. The injury causes pain to the bottom of the foot and heel, but typically doesn't require surgery to heal.

So with the right amount of rest, it seems Taylor can avoid going under the knife. That's good news! [end update]