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Reader E-mails

Since the last time I did a post like this, I received a surprising number of more e-mails.  So I figured I'd do another post like this to stir up some conversation.

I read today that Shaun Rogers is available from the Lions.  I think the Dolphins should make a push for him.  Do you?

Well that depends.  First, here's the article which says the Lions may look to move Shaun Rogers this offseason.  Why would they do this?  Well there's questions about Rogers' work ethic.  He is also supposedly moody and coach Rod Marinelli seemed disgusted with him at times last year.

With that said, Rogers is a hell of a defensive tackle and would fill a HUGE void on the defensive line.  He'll be 29 in March and is owed $4.25 million in 2008, $5.25 million in 2009, and $7 million in 2010.  But in my opinion, his talent is worth every penny.  But there's 2 questions.  First, would Rogers cut the crap and work his tail off for this coaching staff.  I'd like to believe that the presence of Bill Parcells and Tony Sparano would help eliminate any potential problems Rogers could cause with his attitude and work ethic.  And we all know Parcells likes big players.  You can't get much bigger than Rogers, who stands 6'4 and weighs 345 pounds.  The second question would be what he would cost.  I'd have to imagine the Lions would be looking for something in the area of a 2nd round pick for him.  But that's just a guess.  What I do know is a decision by the Lions on Rogers' future with the team should come relatively quickly because Rogers is due a $1 million bonus on March 2.

There's an article that says the Cowboys might try trading Marcus Spears and/or Bobby Carpenter.  With our ties to Dallas, any chance one or both of these guys come to Miami?

I'd have to say there's a chance.  Our coaching staff, especially our defensive staff, certainly know these 2 players very well.  So I'd be crazy to say there isn't a chance.

But would I want them?  Eh.  Marcus Spears intrigues me.  People are down on him because he never really lived up to his 1st round draft status.  But he also has been losing out on playing time to Chris Canty and Jay Ratliff.  However, I do think he still has potential to be a quality defensive end in this league, especially in a 3-4 system.  At 6'4, 298, he's a big man and does have the ability to chew up blockers to free up the linebackers.  But the Cowboys seem to be really down on him.  Some believe Spears could be had for a 2nd day pick, even as low as a 6th rounder.  If you ask me, that price tag is very enticing.

Bobby Carpenter, on the other hand, is not a player I'd want the Dolphins to pursue.  He's actually been a bigger bust than Jason Allen has.  He does contribute on special teams, though.  The only thing is we could get a younger special teams player with as much, or more, potential late in the draft.  No need to give up a pick, even a late rounder, to bring Carpenter aboard.

But, again, our new coaching staff knows these 2 players inside and out.  So I'll trust their opinions of these 2 players more than my own, as I've only seen these 2 play on a handful of occasions.

Why, oh why, would the Dolphins be reaching out to Trent Green?  Who wants him back?  I'd take Cleo Lemon over Green right now.

Ugh.  Really?  Cleo Lemon over Trent Green?  I'll have to respectfully disagree (and I hope you realize that I am certainly holding my tongue here and trying not to put Lemon down too much here because he's not the focus of this).  

So here's what I'll say about Trent.  We all know Bill Parcells likes veteran quarterbacks and thinks they have immense value being on the roster, either as a starter or as a backup.  And considering how there aren't many quality veteran QBs available, why not see if Trent would want to come back, especially considering he's already under contract?  Now, that contract would have to be restructured.  And I'd imagine the Dolphins would tell Trent he has a very slim possibility of being a starter and, more than likely, would be a backup and a mentor.  Last year, Green had a very positive impact on Beck as a mentor, and that can't be overlooked here.  So if he's willing to come back as a likely backup and restructure his contract, then I will go on record and say I'm all for Trent's return.

I think you should do a segment on the site where you make a bold, surprising prediction for something in the future of the Dolphins.  What do you think?

Well it won't be a regular segment here, but I will occasionally do something like that.  And here's my first one, though it may not be that surprising.  I think the Dolphins will use Lorenzo Booker split out wide more often in 2008.  Think Kevin Faulk in New England or Reggie Bush in New Orleans.  Now I also think he will get a few carries per game and be used as a receiver out of the backfield.  But it just makes sense to really utilize his versatility a lot more often by splitting him out wide, both isolated on one side and in the slot.

So that's it for now.  As always, let me know your thoughts about anything I've talked about (or haven't talked about) below...