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RUMOR: Dolphins showing interest in McNabb?

Let me start out by saying that this is just a rumor.  

Throughout the internet, there seems to be a rumor making its rounds that the Dolphins have engaged the Eagles in preliminary talks about a potential trade for Donovan McNabb.  According to some of these accounts, this rumor started thanks to some talk on a Philadelphia radio station.  Most of the time, these kinds of rumors snowball into a major rumor...and then it bursts when we find out that these "talks" never even happened.  Right now, we are in the "snowballing" stage.

With that said, it's an interesting proposition, isn't it?  McNabb is only 31 years old and is coming off of a season he completed 62% of his passes for 3,300 yards, 19 touchdowns, and just 7 interceptions.  The question would be what the Dolphins would have to give up.  It would probably take at least a 2nd round pick, depending on how much the Eagles want to get rid of him and how many suitors there are for him.  More likely, though, would be that it would cost a 1st round pick.  I'm sure the #1 overall pick is safe, but there are different scenarios that could play out.  The Dolphins could trade down out of that #1 overall pick and then use one of the picks they receive in a trade.  The Dolphins could also try convincing the Eagles that their 2nd round pick is worthy of McNabb because, in reality, it's the 32nd pick of the draft (and therefore should be considered a 1st round pick).  Then there's the idea that the Dolphins could send Jason Taylor and a later pick (maybe their 3rd round pick) to Philly for McNabb.  

At this point, though, there is no reason to believe that these rumors are anything but rumors.

However, I would be curious to know what your thoughts would be on the Dolphins going after McNabb.