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Afternoon update on GM and HC gigs

We're all still awaiting official word on both the GM job as well as the future of Cam Cameron.  Here's what we do know right now.

Both the Miami Herald and the Sun-Sentinel are reporting that Wayne Huizenga arrived via helicopter at the team's facility in Davie just before 12:30 pm.

Armando Salguero is reporting that the Dolphins are in the process of "finalizing the hiring" of Jeff Ireland as the team's new GM:

Although the deal is not yet final, it is believed very little can get in the way of this becoming official. Only a glitch on contract negotiations, or a glitch with the Dallas Cowboys who currently employ Ireland, or perhaps Ireland insults Huizenga's family (kidding) could keep the hiring from happening.

Now, the Sun-Sentinel's Harvey Fialkov is reporting that today could be decision day for Cameron.  He writes that Ireland is "expected to be named general manager today after Huizenga signs off on the deal."  Fialkov then believes the two, Parcells and Ireland, will turn their attention to Cameron.  He believes that Cam's fate could be "determined this afternoon."

And the waiting continues...