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OFFICIAL: Tony Sparano hired as head coach

**UPDATE #3**: Just some notes from the press conference that just concluded. One of the first things Sparano said was, "We have a lot of work to do." What an understatement that is.

Like Cam believed, Sparano said numerous times that character people are important. He believes, "discipline is critical," as he said. He also said that he will work his players hard, but have a good relationship with them. He claims to have had good relationships with his players in the past, which is a far cry from Cam last season. Tony also stressed, "Our players will be in outstanding shape." Beware, Mr. Shelton (among others).

That's all for now. [end update #3]

**UPDATE #2**: It's official. According to the team's official site, Tony Sparano has been hired as the next Miami Dolphins head coach.

The press conference has been scheduled for noon eastern time and can be seen LIVE on

Also, the Sun-Sentinel is reporting that the deal is worth $11 million over 4 years. [end update #2]

**UPDATE**: Well the Palm Beach Post is now reporting the hiring as fact:

The Dolphins have hired Tony Sparano to be their next head coach, a source said Wednesday morning.

Sparano, the Dallas Cowboys assistant head coach, arrived in South Florida Tuesday night for his second interview, and had dinner with Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga and General Manager Jeff Ireland, who said he hoped to have an announcement within the next couple of days.

It came much sooner than that.

As soon as I hear any official word or know of a press conference, I'll pass along the info. [end update]

There are reports rolling in now that the Dolphins and Tony Sparano have reached an agreement for Sparano to become the next Miami Dolphins head coach.  The first report to roll in was from Jay Glazer:

FOX Sports has learned that the Dolphins have tabbed Dallas assistant coach Tony Sparano as their new head coach, replacing the fired Cam Cameron.

Dolphins officials this morning phoned the other candidates who interviewed and informed them of the team's decision.

ESPN's Chris Mortensen also reports the Dolphins have hired Sparano:
The Miami Dolphins have hired Tony Sparano as their new head coach, replacing Cam Cameron, who was fired after one season on the job, according to ESPN's Chris Mortensen.

The Miami Herald also is reporting that Sparano, the former assistant head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, was offered the job by Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga this morning.

As for the local papers, here's what the Miami Herald reports:
It is official. Tony Sparano will be the Dolphins fifth head coach in five years.

The Dolphins have offered Sparano the job left vacant when Cam Cameron was fired. The sides are now or will soon be ironing out the details to a new contract. And is reporting the other candidates for the job -- Leslie Frazier, Rex Ryan and Jim Schwartz -- have been notified the job is Sparano's.

Club owner Wayne Huizenga, who officially offered Sparano the job, left the team's practice facility at 9:40 a.m.

The Herald also tells us a little about how today has unfolded:
But while Parcells didn't tuck in Sparano, he will pretty much be one of the first faces the coach sees every morning. Parcells typically gets to work around 7ish. And if he's starting around that time, everyone, including Sparano, is also.

Today Sparano and Ireland arrived at the team facility around 8 a.m. Parcells was already at work. Huizenga arrived at 8:45 -- he's allowed to show up whenever he freakin' wants because he owns the joint.

Meanwhile, the Sun-Sentinel says that Sparano's hiring seems imminent:
Vice president of football operations Bill Parcells arrived early Wednesday morning and at about 8 a.m. was joined by GM Jeff Ireland and Sparano. Owner H. Wayne Huizenga drove in at 8:30 and departed about an hour later with a message to the media throng staking out team headquarters.

"Stay tuned," Huizenga said.

When asked if the deal was done, he said, "not yet."

Huizenga most likely signed off on the deal, believed to be for four years, and apparently is being finalized.

The press conference to anoint Sparano the next Dolphins head coach is expected today. At 10:10 a.m, the Dolphins escorted Sparano's wife, Jeanette, into the building, another sign that the deal is being finalized.