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Ask The Phinsider

I've gotten a couple of good e-mails and I figured now was a good time to address these.  Yes, I'm aware we are probably on the verge of a new Dolphins head coach, but how much can really be said about this considering we've known for a while that Tony Sparano would likely end up being the next head coach.

With that in mind, onto some of the e-mails.

We know Tony Sparano will likely be named head coach in the near future.  What's your take on him?  Are you in favor of the move?  I think he'll be a great fit and is what this franchise needs.

I'm not sure of my take on him.  And I'm not sure it matters, either, considering Cam Cameron was exactly who I wanted last year.  It's probably better off for everyone that I not have a strong feeling one way or another towards Sparano.  But there is something that does puzzle me.  What is with this sudden love affair with Tony Sparano by the majority of Dolphin fans?  Do you guys know something I don't?  Sure, if Bill Parcells is this high on him, that's a great sign.  But if I remember correctly, I believe most Dolphin fans were also very high on Cam when he was hired last year.  I just find it amusing that so many Dolphin fans are in love with this guy even though most probably never heard of him about 2 months ago.  But that's what being a fan is all about, I suppose.  And I just hope that all the "pro Sparano" fans are right this time around...unlike I was a year ago!

I think this team needs to draft Darren McFadden badly.  He'd instantly upgrade the Dolphins' offense.  What do you think?

You know, I wasn't ever opposed to the idea of taking McFadden #1 overall.  That is, until last week.  That's when I learned a lot of things.  I learned that McFadden might be an "off the field" issue considering the incident he was involved in at a piano bar (a piano bar?  really?).  Investing all those millions in a questionable personality isn't the best way to get a franchised turned around.  Then I watched the playoff games this past weekend and learned a lot.  I saw just how valuable a very good offensive line is.  I saw Laurence Maroney and Ryan Grant both go untouched for 5-10 yards on some of their carries.  Seriously, that's ridiculous.  Ronnie Brown had to make 2 or 3 players miss just to get a modest 5 or 10 yard gain.  Jake Long, anybody?  Oh, and I also learned that good running backs are very easy to find and don't need to be taken #1 overall.  Ryan Grant is a perfect example.  So are Brandon Jacons and Ahmad Bradshaw.  And I could name more, but I'll spare you all.  

So basically, all those factors combined with the obvious reasons to pass on McFadden (too much money tied up into 1 position, Ronnie Brown should bounce back and is a borderline star, etc...) is enough to convince me that he isn't a good pick.  Instead, if I had to say right now (though I reserve the right to change my mind prior to April) who I'd pick, it would be Jake Long.

We need serious help at WR.  First of all, Marty Booker needs to be shown the door.  Then we need to sign 1 or 2 above average wide receivers.  You agree?  And who might be some surprise candidates the Dolphins could look at?

Yes, I agree.  Booker should definitely be cut.  As for some darkhorse guys, that's a good question.  I'll stay away from the current free agents.  And there are two names I'll throw at you.  The first is Roy Williams, who I talked about a few days ago.  The Lions may dangle him and I would certainly look into seeing what the cost would be.  He's a 26 year old stud receiver who is just what the doctor ordered for the Dolphins.

The other guy is Donte Stallworth.  His situation in New England is a bit tricky.  First off, he recently seems to be losing playing time to Jabar Gaffney.  Now, he did sign a 6 year deal with the Patriots last offseason.  But these final 2 years are structured in a way that 2007 was basically a tryout for Stallworth.  If the Pats are to keep him for 2008, here's what they would have to pay him.  The Pats must first pick up an option on him by the end of February for $6 million.  Then he gets a $2 million roster bonus in March.  He'd also have a base salary of $1 million in 2008.  He's also eligible for another $2 million in bonuses based on playing time and working out.  So that's $11 million in 2008 for Stallworth.  His contract gets more reasonable after that, but I don't think the Pats keep him around at that price tag for 2008.  And I do think he'd make a great fit in Miami as a 3rd receiver, behind (hopefully) a new #1 and Ted Ginn at #2.

Why the hell did the Dolphins pass on Antonio Cromartie and select Jason Allen?  I mean, holy f*ckin sh*t, what the hell?

Hmmm.  I guess this reader isn't too keen on Allen.  In 3 words: blame Nick Saban.  But it isn't totally fair to kill Saban and the Dolphins for passin on Cromartie.  He was expected to be a project out of school.  Of course, with that, I swear to you that I was very, very angry when the Dolphins did pass on Antonio.  He was the guy I wanted once Donte Whitner was off the board (damn Bills).  Oh well, this is just water under the bridge now.

Thanks, everyone, for the e-mails.  And feel free to send me an e-mail at

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